Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Journal

Sunday 7th

Had some time this afternoon to spend on this journal.
Had to create a set of " instructions " for the girls who are going to contribute to my journal.
Mind you, I don't want to stifle their originality at all. Just need to have some sort of continuity. The idea set by Andre is for us [ 8 girls in total ] to set the tone / subject of our journal , then after completing first two pages, send it off to the next name on the list.
I will take out some of the pages so that I can complete some here , while it is away.
When I get the journal back I can then place the pages in order.

So this is what I came up with ..

Hi there girls .

Will you use two pages together for your entry to my journal .
As I have on the first two .
Small photo of ….you and work area..or
You and family..or
You and project you’ve completed
On the top page , with a little detail about the photo

You get the idea .

Then on the other page , a little about you . How , when you began craft.
GET TO KNOW YOU sort of information . Like how we connected, what
inspires you , who inspires you , your favourite tools , inks, papers etc.

But most of all can I please have your best tip for fellow creators.


I will be posting this onto my blog ONLY if I have your permission to do so .
So please will you either email me or leave a separate note in the journal in that regard.

Thank you girls . I cant wait to start this challenge .

Shirley Barber.

Hi there , great to have your company once more .

This year I have begun another challenge .

As I have been watching my Daughter, Michelle, begin her journey into the world of paper craft ,
and art in general , it occurred to me that we are,
in art , walking together even though we are at different stages
of our lives .
Spring for her and Autumn for me.
The purpose for this journal is record my recollections on how I began my creating, where I am now and also to include some of the many talented people , who have enriched my life .
So here is the cover and just inside .
I have not, as yet , decided on the name for my journal for the front . the photo was taken in October 2009 when I attended the Regionals in Adelaide for Stampin'Up. Inside the cover is a photo of myself and the prologue.
I hope that you will follow my journal as it grows .

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kaykoufalakis said...

what a fabulous idea Shirley, i'm looking forward to seeing more.