Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jacki meets Tiger

Hi there . Welcome to my room .
So glad you popped to see me , now I can share with you ,an addition to our family .
We introduced Tiger , smaller female on the right , to Jacki ,on the left .

Tiger is a little timid so finds tomboy female Jacki a little intimidating , I think . Tiger is the name the previous owner gave this 16month old pup and we will wait a day or two before deciding if we change it or not .

Jacki is like a little BRICK , weighing in at about 7 kl but tiger is probably no more than 2kl .

So far so good as Tiger seems to be settling in very well , taking to Doug with great affection .Much to Jacki's annoyance.

Any way that's it . Just wanted to share our good fortune .

Our experience today bought this thought to mind ..

One needs something to believe in ,

something for which one can have whole- hearted enthusiasm .

One needs to feel that one's life has meaning , that

one is needed in this world .

- Hannah Senesh

Hope that your day was just as good .

Catch you again soon , cheers for now , Shirley-Anne


Robyn said...

HaHa Cute!! Thanks for sharing the "new addition"!

Jane said...

You kept this quiet! What a great addition, looking forward to meeting her.

Annette Bowes said...

Happy new addition to the family I am sure Tiger is going to fit in well, hope you are both well, take careX:)

McCrafty's Cards said...

They are both gorgeous, once tiger settles in they will be up to mischief together,
Kevin xx

Mary J said...

Awww, thanks for sharing Shirley-Anne! I remember when we introduced little Lulu to Poppy a couple of years ago. Poppy was not impressed that we brought a new one home! Lulu is very boisterous and confident and poor Poppy anxious and quiet - but they now get on like a house on fire and I'm sure that will happen with Tiger and Jacki!

Monica said...

What delightful pics... Tiger looks nothing like a tiger... rather subdued and adorable looking. Jacki is lovely as well. Thanks for sharing, dear Shirley-Anne,

Monica xxx

Elaine said...

What a gorgeous little doggy , Tiger will find her feet soon .
Have fun Hugs Elaine

Annmaree (Emu) said...

aw what a wonderful addition, such sweet doggies! Do love them! xoxo

Sandy said...

Congratulations on your new arrival!
It's a girl!!! LOL. Very sweet indeed.