Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Frustration

Hi every one .Welcome to my room .Just having blogger problems .
I broke one of my computer rules today and clicked on something before checking around friends to see if it works /if they like it  first and whammo!!,  trouble and  I cant seem to reverse .
So if I am missing for a while please forgive me and I'll try to come back pronto .I clicked on try new blogger interface and this new page format has turned up and I dont like it ..I cant use all the old features like change design or add gadgets
...AAAHHHH!!and to make matters worse  I changed internet options and some where along the line I have lost all my saved sites that I visit
Now at top of page I have message that reads your browser is no longer supported by Blogger

Catch you again soon , cheers for now , Shirley-Anne


  1. Hope you get it sorted Shirley, I did click on that weeks ago but went straight back because I didn't think I wanted to try and get used to something different again!

  2. hi hunnie, if you want any help nudge me and ill help you to try and get it back, hugs xx

  3. Hi Shirley-Anne,

    Hope these issues get sorted soon, I remember once Michelle helped me out in my early days... I wish I could help or even get you a cuppa.

    Anyway lots of hugs,


  4. Hi Shirley-Anne I hope you can get it sorted out. good luck.
    Kevin xx

  5. Hi Shirley-Anne,

    You could try downloading Google Chrome - it is a free browser that will support the new format. Then once you log into your account, switch back to the old interface. Hope that helps.

    Good luck,


  6. Oh dear must be so frustrating-- Hope it gets sorted out superfast

  7. oh no!!! sorry to hear Shirley, hope you can get it sorted!


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