Past Blog Awards

Hello every one , welcome to a special place in my room .
I'm not sure if many people will visit this part but I hope they do and I hope those who gave me these wonderful awards know that I really appreciate them and am quite proud to get them .
Here you will see Blog Awards that my wonderful blogging friends have given me .
I really appreciated each and every gift .
I don't think that I am an especially great crafter/ card maker but I do know that my heart goes into every card I  make .  Most of the craftys that have given these to me are so much more talented than I , so getting an award from them is particularly special .
Having said that , I appreciate each award and love that someone thought of me and my humble creations as worthy .....
Thank you every one .

Sharon and Jane sent this for me in Feb/March 2012

One from my Daughter , Michelle is a treasure .

                                                        From Michelle


Two  of my very first awards shown above . were  from Stephanie ...

     Blog award from Suzart

That  one from  Monica
And later I received this one , the Versatile Blogger , from Jacki.  
Thanks Jacki , for thinking of me and my mostly CAS cards.

Thanks Monica             
                                               Thanks Laura

Thank you Lisa Jane
and thank you too Terri ..

From Michelle

Both of the above from Monica
  Thanks again all of you
Hugs Shirley-anne