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popped in to add some photos .
Hope that you scroll down to see other photos and please let me know that you have been . 

This is my second lot of photos .
Winter is here and too cold to gopher to the trails  as often as usual .But we have dared to go short runs . Mind you we have misjudged the weather on occasions and arrived home drenched . 

                                                     Early bird chatter

                                                            Twiggy appreciates her coat.

                                                   This is still early morning photo and you can see the long shadows .
                                            Invigorating,  crisp and just plain cold it was .
This cat walked across the road from its home for a picnic lunch I guess. Or lunch on the run.

These cabins are in the Levi Caravan Park which backs onto Linear Park .

                                                                          Laugh Kookaburra laugh
                            I dedicate this photo to a lovely FB pal who visited my posting sometimes and always said that she loved the kookaburra and its laugh   .              
 Patricia Ann Pierce   passed away on 20/4/2015.

Hi there ,welcome to my photos page .
I am so glad that you were curious enough to see what I have added here .
May you enjoy my amateur photography
These are photos mainly  from  Linear Park where Doug and I spend many a sunny day . Some times with a packed picnic lunch but always with our beloved dog . 
 I posted some of these  photos on my Facebook  page and I am always thrilled when an appreciative viewer has left me a comment .
I am hoping that you will let me know that you have been .
These few photos are early ones taken  about  2012
I shall add some others as time permits .



  1. So gorgeous Shirley Anne, you are a great photographer. The park looks gorgeous, I bet you have super days out there together.

  2. Hi Shirley-Anne what wonderful photo's I love to see animals in there own habitat.

    Debs xxx

  3. I wouldn't call this amateur photography, your pics are beautiful. I enjoy nature so love them all the more.

  4. Very nice pictures! and I looooove Koalas!! I hope and wish that one day we can be able to travel to Australia! xoxo Olga


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