Monday, December 28, 2009

my hobby

Hello there , thank you for calling in and welcome to my room . Now if I could find some space for you , I'd invite you to sit with me and share my passion. Instead I will share my creations via this medium. I have been stamping for a while and consider myself to be an intermediate standard crafter. The problem being that I am always afraid to step away from my comfort zone . Does any one else who is a hobbyist have this problem? But enough chit chat , I am here to share my hobby with you ,if you haven't already left!

Here are just a few of my efforts


Michelle said...

Hi Shirley-Ann, I love this "Happily Ever After" card. The combination of DP works beautifully. And I love the single colour layout.

Shirley-anne said...

thanks Michelle . Sometimes I worry too much about which colour will go with another so when I found all these different patterns and shades of same colour I could not resist trying them out . Glad you liked the result.

Carolyn said...

Hi shirley-Anne, this page is so user friendly getting to look at every thing so easily and great to see so many cards on display, they are all good and some are exceptionally good, Keep up the good work. I will look in again soon.