Thursday, February 25, 2010

Remember, I asked for Help?

Hi there and welcome back. Did you see an entry here the other day , where I asked for help in using the Carousel scalloped circle notes and I showed an example ?
Well Trish sent me an email of a tutorial that she had seen . She did not make the item shown below and to the person who made it and the tutorial , I will acknowledge you if you contact me .
If any one would like the tutorial I will try to send it to you if asked .
This a carousel notes purse. Isn't it sweet ?
May be  the young ones now use the word ..COOL?
I remember when I was 12 or so,  the rage was ..every thing was  ' TERRIFIC ', good or bad .
Any way , thank you Trish , for sharing that with me .

Some thing else that I wanted to share with you ,  was a gift that My Daughter sent to me for " just because'.

What a treasure! You will see her blog on my link list .


Anonymous said...

Hey Shirley, you can find the tutorial for the Carousel Note Purse here --->

Shirley-anne said...

Thank you for that
I will follow that up asap .