Monday, August 30, 2010

Sad news means no cards tonight

Hello everyone , sorry I can't stay . But you feel free to browse over my blog as I am sure there will be something that will be worth your visit . Hope that you are all well and happy .
I had two lots of bad news today . Michelle can't come after all as one of our grandsons is ill. Her brother who lives in Roxby Downs [ like the other end of the country ]  won't be calling in either now and he has some flu like problem .
So I am busy trying to make up a parcel to send to Michelle for the boys as a consolation treat .
I'll be back tomorrow .
Catch you soon  cheers Shirley-Anne


Lisa Jane said...

Aww Shirley - so sad to hear that as i know you were really looking forward to their visit. I am sure they will love their parcel and will speed up the recovery
Lisa ;)

Monica said...

Oh Shirley-Anne, I am so sorry that Michelle won't be able to make it... I hope her son recovers sooner rather than later.

Well, as the saying goes,"there's something good in everything..."



chris said...

Aww shirley I am so sorry to hear your news, I know that you were so excited, lifes just not fair sometimes.
hope your grandson is ok. love chris xx

Robyn said...

Oh Shirley Anne- I am so sorry. You must be very dissapointed-we know how much you were looking forward to those visits. Hugs Robyn

Michelle said...

Sorry for the last minute change of plans Mum, hopefully we can re book our flights in the not too distant future. Poor Luke is really sad but he understands that because his little brother has chicken pox we cant go right now.

Mina said...

oh no Shirley you must be so dissapointed...maybe she will come when the little one is feeling a bit better
Mina xxx

Sue W said...

Ah Shirley Anne sorry to hear the visit you've been looking forward to won't happen but hope the family get well soon so you can plan again!

kay said...

sorry to hear this Shirley, know how much you were looking forward to it, hope he gets well soon and the visit is on again (maybe for regional?? that would be fun.