Sunday, October 24, 2010

Will be away for a while #2

Hello everyone . Calling in tonight to give you all an update . Doug has improved wonderfully .
Still has trouble staying awake , swallowing and is still very weak on his left side but thankfully his humour is intack. He often comes out with funny one liners when answering some of the questions from staff.
Michelle went back home this morning and I miss her already . Thank you Michelle for the cooking , cleaning ironing and all your wonderful support . THANK YOU TOO  to her Hubby , Andrew , for supporting her by  looking after the homefront there,  so that she could make it here to be with us . 
  I cannot believe all the love and prayers , well wishes and offers of help that Michelle and I have had through emails,  cards , and  on our respective blogs .
I have shed a few tears I will admit but I have also been so uplifted , feel so much stronger because of this  extending hand of friendship.
So thank you all .
I am going to try to visit some of you before closing off . Please forgive me if I dont get to you  all , I will try again tomorrow night .
       Thank you for calling in ,         Hugs !
Catch you again soon .  Cheers for now  Shirley-Anne


Doreen said...

That is wonderful news Shirley-Anne I am praying that Doug continue to improve, Take

Sue W said...

Just sent you an email - should have read this post first!!!!
Thinking about you, take care. x

Monica said...

Dearest Shirley-Anne,

You have been in my thoughts and prayers and I am so relieved to hear that DH is doing better... I really admire your positive attitude which Michelle has inherited, too.

So glad that Doug's humour is intact - that will probably be the BEST medicine.

And I think that you were lucky that Michelle was around to help... God cares in many ways more than one.

Have been missing your posts and am hoping that normalcy returns back sooner rather than later into your life. May you get back to making your lovely cards real soon.



Monica said...

I just visited my blog and saw your sweet comment... thank you so much for making my day. You are so kind to respond inspite of having your hands full...

I hope you are taking care of yourself too. Please, please do not neglect yourself.

xxx Monica

Lisa Jane said...

OH Shirley i am so glad that Doug is improving. I am also glad that Michelle could be with you . Thinking of you both and sending positive thoughts ..
You take care too
Lisa ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he is feeling in better shape and is improving greatly!

You take care of yourself and don't feel like you have to do everything at once, just look after you and yours!

Love and Best Wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley, I've been thinking about you, I'm so glad things are improving, I've missed you! Please don't forget to look after yourself, Love, Helen

kay said...

glad to hear Doug is improving, will be trying to pop in to give a hug in person soon, make sure you look after yourself and the little doggy of your's she will be missing Doug badly.

Robyn said...

Hi Shirley Anne- just got back from holidays and read about your situation. So sorry to hear about Doug but glad he is improving and joking around. That must make you feel a little better.Thinking of you.... love Robyn