Sunday, January 9, 2011


Good evening , how are you all ? Welcome to my room . Are you one for sending Valentine cards? I have not for years but I used to leave love  notes if that counts . Doug used to be a cook in a highways camp so he used to be away from home often for a few days at a time . So ...when I packed his bag I would leave little notes in his folded sox for instance or in his toiletry bag . And if I were going to be away from home , which was not often , I would leave little notes in odd places around the home for him to find . Mmmmm memories LOL
Now for today I have made two cards which are so very different in style . No recipe really as they were made with  all sorts from my stash .
This one has a Heidi Grace clear overlay sentiment which says
is the golden thread
that ties our hearts
-Mother Teresa
The floral background is a piece of material that I've had in my stash for EVER!!
The  humorous  card is more along the type of note I would leave in hiding .

Well,  that is all for today,  hope you liked the cards .
Catch you again soon , cheers for now Shirley-Anne.


Annmaree (Emu) said...

That first one is beautiful!!! I LOVE this!

and that second one is so cute!

Thats so nice to leave love notes around, hope he is back home soon!

Lorrinda said...

These are both great Valentine cards! Don't you love it when you can use odds and ends up so beautifully?

Lisa Jane said...

Two fab card Shirley .. but the second is my favourite - my partner and i like to leave notes- when i went away on holiday last year i hid them all over lol
Lisa ;)

Beebeebabs said...

Very pretty card thanks for sharing!!!

Michelle said...

Two great cards!!

First one is really beautiful.

Michelle :-)

Monica said...

Love both the cards, Shirley-Anne, and also loved reading your post.

The first card is just so perfect and sweet - almost Victorian. Love the old fashioned look of it. The second card is funny and cool.

Your creativity is shining like never before...