Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A craft morning

Hi there blogging pals . Welcome to my room . A glorious day here in Adelaide .A few light showers in the morning but not heavy enough to keep Doug indoors . He went off on his gopher while I set up my craft table ready for Fran and Sandy . We had a lovely morning crafting while chatting about this and that .it was funny but every now and then something would be said that reminded one or all of us about  the words of a song .I think we went through all the tunes in the movie ' South Pacific '. A senior moment here ,,help me out Sandy I think that was the name .You know the one with the song " I'm going to wash that man right outa my hair" And we would all burst into song and laughter.
Any way these are the cards we made today .
no recipe really just what was handy ..

Hope that your week is bringing you smiles and a happy heart.

If you see someone with out a smile , give them one of yours .

Catch you again soon , cheers for now Shirley-Anne


  1. All three are lovely, Shirley-Anne, but my fave is the first one - love the image and it's colours.

    Glad that you had fun,


  2. Three gorgeous cards

  3. Yes that was it, LOL, South Pacific. The cards were fun to make and enjoyed the songs and laughter too.

  4. oh shirley these are all such beautiful cards each one so beautifully detailed hugs cherylx

  5. Flippin 'eck, Shirley-Anne.....slow down,'re showin' me up!
    Three at once....I'd need gas and air if I'd managed that....haaaaa!
    My fave is the birdie one...looks very spring-like, but they are all fabulous.
    Done any Christmas cards yet?....just askin'....told ya I'd stalk ya....haaaaa!

  6. Hi Mum

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time!! Three great cards resulted for sure. My favourite is the top one, love hte layout, great use of this stamp set.

    Michelle :o)

  7. Hi Shirley Anne! My fave is the first one too! Your craft morning sounds like a lot of fun- how nice for you to be able to share with a lovely bunch of crafty friends (and that Doug can leave you to it while he is off galavanting around on his gopher Lol!!)

  8. There's nothing better than crafting with friends Shirley Anne...I'm doing just that with 7 friends on Saturday! I'm surprised you managed three cards with all the hilarity going on lol. Love all three but especially the first one..I love how the flower and bird are colour coordinated :-D xx

  9. awesome cards Shirley~! Love them all, but especially that Birdy!!!

  10. All 3 are gorgeous, love the sweet touches of blue on the 1st one.

  11. Beautiful post Shirley-Anne, how lovely crafting and chatting with friends so much more fun, now I do remember the movie but not all the songs lol! Beautiful cards, especially love the first one. Guess what I have finally made another Christmas card, thought it was going to be so easy way when I first started lol! Got many ideas, just don't seem to have enough time lol! Glad you are both well, take careX:)

  12. Remember me! LOL - I have just been super busy and was surprised at how many cards you have made since I last visited! As always they are simple gorgeous and very inspirational.

  13. Well, it never fails. I always leave your blog with inspiration from your cards and your positive words of thinking!
    Thank you so much and I hope you are having a good week.
    Lisa xx

  14. Really beautiful collection of cards. I think my favourite it the blue bird.


  15. They are all so elegant! Your choice of colors is perfect. The blue bird is so sweet and made me smile. Hugs!

  16. I think it is great the way you combine your craft hobby with a morning of fun and laughter with friends. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves.
    I have had my first play with the Serif Craft Artist CD's Chris bought for me, and I produced two Chritsmas cards which you can find here. I'm not entirely satisfied with them but they are not bad for a first attempt. I think I need a bit more practice!
    Kate x

  17. oh sounds like you had a super time hun,these cards are all just gorgeous,love them,beautiful images,hugs cherylxxx


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