Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Memory of Jacki..

OUR GIRL,  September 1998 --DECEMBER 2012
JACKI.   Great mouser, a tomboy of the highest order. Good friend and companion pet of Doug and Shirley-Anne.
 Remembered fondly , sadly missed.


Sasha said...

Oh! Bless you! So sorry to hear that you have lost your beloved pet and companion. I dread that day coming. Sending (((hugs))) to you both x

Gail said...

So sorry to hear this Shirley-anne.

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

So sorry to hear about your loss especially at this time of the year pets are family too

take care and hugs
jacqui x

Mary J said...

My condolences, Shirley-Anne. I am very sad for you. I know you will have many memories that will make you smile when you remember them.


Mary x

Lisa M said...

Big HUGE hugs from across the pond Shirley-Anne. That is the most precious picture EVER. I'm so sorry...
Lisa xx

Sue W said...

So sad Shirley-Anne! Thinking of you and your DH.

Lisa Jane said...

oh Shirley i am so sorry to hear of your loss.. its so hard .. but i know you will have lots of wonderful memories
Lisa xxx

Michelle said...

Love and Hugs Mum and Dad.
I know what a big part of your lives Jacki was for so long.
She had a wonderful life, spoilt rotten.
The boys and I will always hold fond memories of her.

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear about Jackie, a great loss to both of you. So glad you found Twiggy when you did - she will help fill the gap - she is such a sweet little dog and needs lots of love and attention!!!
Hugs, Sandy

Faith A said...

How terribly sad, my heart goes out to you. There will be a big void in your lives.

Annmaree (Emu) said...

So sorry to hear, Shirley! Our beloved pets really are our children and family! Forever mised and never fogotten! Take Care!