Monday, February 12, 2018

The Spirit Of Christmas Wish

Hi there , welcome to my room , where I am supposed to be resting .

gerund or present participle: resting
  1. 1.
    cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep, or recover strength.
    "he needed to rest after the feverish activity"
    synonyms:relax, take a rest, ease up/off, let up, slow down, pause, have/take a break, unbendreposelazeidleloaf, do nothing, take time off, slack off, unwind, recharge one's batteries, be at leisure, take it easy, sit back, sit down, stand down, loungeluxuriatelollslumpflop, put one's feet up, lie down, go to bed, have/take a nap, napcatnapdoze, have/take a siesta, drowsesleep


Daffodil Cards said...

Oh! Shirley Anne, I know where you are coming from, BUT it is so important for you to take your time - for a few weeks anyway.

I LOVE your card with it's pretty papers and sentiment.

KraftyKoolKat said...

Oh Shirley-Anne I am so sorry to hear this news. I know it is easy to say but you must take things a little easier. I know you are a carer as well, you will need help sweetie. Your card is awesome sweetie.


Crafting4Good CIC said...

Hi Shirley, I got your form and followed the link to your blog, very shocked and concerned that you had a heart attack :-(

I know what you're saying about resting, and spotting things that need doing (although in my case it's usually laptop based things!) and you can't stop completely because doing nothing is also not good...but take it steady. I haven't read the rest of your form, as I came here first, but I'll get back to you separately on that score.

Take care

Skye said...

Hi Shirley, Sorry to hear your news. Do try to take it easy. I know that is easier said than done. A lovely Christmas card and I love the sentiment