Friday, April 30, 2010

Clocks and Chooks

I had another Circle Journal arrive today .
This one from Elizabeth from Victoria .
This is her front cover .
I think that these are doilys .
Love the pearl string around centre  lighter shade of lavender.
Elizabeth has indicated that her journal is about two of her favourite collectables. Those being Clocks and Chooks .

It was easier to do the clock page I think .
But all in all quite happy with my two pages .

Page one .

Page two

Hope that Elizabeth will like these pages . Can't wait to get mine back .
Only waiting on two more journals  I think , then the circle will be completed.
I hope that you have found the shared pages interesting .


Sue W said...

Your pages are lovely Shirley-Anne!

Mina said...

wow Shirley Anne these are gorgeous...and your right about the pearls they add elegance to it
Mina xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley, Elizabeth here. Yes, that was my journal with the lace circle on the front cover. It is actually a length of lace which I gathered slightly with a running stitch to create the circle. I was extremely happy that the cover came together so well. I hope I did your journal justice. Cheers....

Shirley-anne said...

Hello Elizabeth , welcome to my room .Thanks for explanation . Your work is so neat that I thought that it was a compete doily. I am looking forward to getting my journal back .