Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No card tonight

Hi there every one . No card tonight and my room is closed .
I have been chatting to Michelle , our Daughter .
Her followers of her blog might like to know that she along with her family are on the road , evacuating their beautiful home .
Her Dad and I are extremely stressed about their safety . Cyclone on one hand , floods on the other .
Hope that they stay safe .
Catch you again soon  cheers for now and may be better news tomorrow , Shirley-Anne .


Lisa Jane said...

Thinking of you all Shirley - got your email but for some reason my reply wouldn't send .
Give Michelle and her family my love . Wish there was more i could do
Lisa x

Marelize said...

My thoughts are with everybody in Queensland who is facing the possiblity of losing their homes. I pray that your daughter and her family will be safe and that the outcome of this possible disaster will be much better than we all anticipate.
Hugs to you.

Pami said...

I hope that everyone is safe Shirley-Anne. Pami x

Lorrinda said...

Oh, you must be out of your mind with worry! I was email chatting with her a couple of weeks ago about the flooding, it wasn't near them then. We get news reports with heartbreaking pictures, I can only imagine living through that nightmare. Please keep us updated.
Adding her to my prayers...

Anonymous said...

You take care, its hard to be so far away when these sorts of things happen!

I truely hope this cyclone dissipates before it hits, Queensland has been through enough!!

Stay Safe, lots of prayers for the people all up there

Doreen said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear such awful news, I do hope your daughter will be

Robyn said...

Oh Shirley Ann! I had forgotten that your daughter lived in Cairns! I thought that Keesh was the only person I knew that lived there. I will add your daughter and her family to my thoughts and prayers.Thinking of you too...

chris said...

oh do hope all is ok , hugs to you and yours chris xx

Karen said...

Hi Shirley!

I'll look after Michelle and her family when they get to Mackay. I have their puppy situation all sorted for them and I'm just waiting to hear from Michelle now!

Do you know what sort of doggy she has per chance? If you can email me that would be super!


Sue W said...

I was thinking about Michelle and some other Queensland Stampers when I posted to my blog this morning Shirley Anne!
I'm hoping people heed the warnings and leave the area.......hard as that is!
We're all watching and waiting..........hope the news will be good!

Marlene said...

Oh no!!! Will keep her and the family in my thoughts and prayers!

Why did I have NO IDEA you were her mother?!!! (Michelle is one of my favorite bloggy people!) I must have been under a rock!