Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My journal returns

Hello every one and welcome again . Have you ever been to a friend's house for an evening and been subjected to those " holiday snaps",  sitting there viewing picture after picture? ...sigh.
Well,  just when you thought those days had gone.....................
My journal has made it back home and I would love to share the few pages with you  .
My journal began here in an earler posting . Just click on picture to enlarge works , I think .
My cover

Thank you Colleen

Thanks Chris

thanks Elizabeth

Thank you Angela

Thanks for getting this challenge started  Andre

Thank you Jacinda

Thank you Desley

I am so appreciative of all the effort and creativity  of those 7 other ladies who shared their craft stories .
And now I can insert the page that Michelle , our Daughter , created earlier.

this page can be seen in more detail in earlier post where you can read Michelle's hidden message . Thank you Michelle
Have you a group of friends who would like to begin a circle journal of their own ? It's easy , It's fun .
Hope that you enjoyed browsing my journal . I know that I will treasure it always and for a while it will stay on the coffee table , ready to share with all visitors.
Thank you for  calling in  and see you again  soon
Cheers Shirley-Anne


Michelle said...

Wow, wonderful work ladies.

Mina said...

what a fantastic idea Shirley Anne and its so beautifully made
Mina xxx

kay koufalakis said...

Shirley, it is so lovely,I will have to pop over and see it irl, you are so lucky to have such a work of art and a lovely group of friends to make a beautiful momento.

Curt in Carmel said...

Such beautiful craftsmanship on this and what a wonderful idea. This truly is a treasure. Love this keepsake! Best, Curt