Friday, February 17, 2023

About me , Shirley-Anne 06/05/2015

Wow !! hi there everyone .

This post is a blast from the past when I was just beginning to publish .  This was supposed to have been posted years ago when our daughter , Michelle , was running her "Make it Monday" I must have been called away and did not notice that it was not published . The blog  is not going now but I am posting tonight as I reminisce   about my early card making days .

Joining Michelle on Make it Monday, right at the beginning of its journey, would have to be the proudest moment , ever, and watching her take it to the dizzy heights it now enjoys,  it was  quite simply, awesome .

I love this too because it allows me to share the cards I create with all who visit my blog .

I have been card making for several years now . I began by recycling Christmas cards until I bought my first stamp and the rest is history . I would say that my style is definitely CAS, although I do make some vintage styles with a little embellishing flowers or bling .

My favourite colours are from the Autumn spectrum and my favourite tool would have to be the stamp-ma-jig . Then, my favourite research tool is my computer where there is an unending supply of inspiration .
I enjoy sharing my love of papercraft and stamping , holding workshops at home .

Just one of the cards created many moons ago .

My Husband and I live in Adelaide , Australia .
Our leafy suburb , Campbelltown has many parks , most of which are a few minutes walk from home .
This is Morialta Falls just a 20 minute walk away .
I enjoy walking everyday .

                                                       Ducks at Lochiel Park.

I love and am grateful for,   the age I am , the place in which I live , my family and friends .
This is me , Shirley-Anne , really .
And now 2023 and lots older 

 of course Doug and I both  gopher out and about now .

Well there you go , what a memory provoking post ..for me anyway .

Will be back later with a current creation on the weekend .
Hope you did not mind an old woman's ramblings .

Love your friends and family with your entire being ,

 as they are the most important part of your life . 

                                                    Catch you again soon , cheers for now , Shirley-Anne .


  1. What an interesting blast from the past and now, Shirley Anne, Love the card, no matter how old.


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